State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 1001-1050

Chapter Subject
1001 Elementary and secondary school pupils
1002 Retirement
1003 Anatomic pathology services
1004 Municipal courts
1005 Offense of sexual contact with prisoners or inmates
1006 Offense of introduction or possession of contraband in a penal institution
1007 Establishment of a special department of correction confiscated cash fund
1008 Forensic Services for Persons with Mental Retardation
1009 Public safety, law enforcement, driver licenses and titling and registration
1010 Detection and investigation of fraud and abuse in TennCare, and the recovery of money lost through such fraud and abuse
1011 Community service agencies
1012 Cemeteries
1013 Unarmed security guard applications
1014 Second injury fund
1015 Job skills program
1016 Career and Technical Education
1017 Blasting and explosives
1018 Insurance
1019 Taxation
1020 Number of divisions and judges created by the "General Sessions Criminal Court Act of 1981" in counties having a population of six hundred thousand (600,000) or more according to the 1970 federal census or any subsequent census