State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 101 -150

Chapter Subject
101 Officers or directors
102 Disclosure of fees or compensation for certain consulting services
103 Subsurface sewage disposal systems
104 Indigent defense compensation
105 Medical care and cost containment committee
106 Name the bathhouse at the Gee Creek campground in Hiawasse/Ocoee Scenic River State Park in honor of the late Rob Skinner
107 Chiropractors
108 High school diplomas
109 Hunting from a stationary automobile, motor vehicle or watercraft
110 Providing additional powers to energy acquisition corporations
111 Human rights commission
112 Southeast interstate low-level radioactive waste compact
113 Patient medical records and information
114 Purchasing by counties under the County Uniform Highway Law
115 County clerks
116 Name a segment of the State Route 70 By-Pass in Greeneville in honor of the late Representative Joseph "Joe" Bewley
117 Roadside memorials in honor of persons killed
118 Access to medical records
119 University and college police and security departments
120 Records concerning convictions or bail forfeitures for offenses involving motor vehicles
121 Name an underpass on U.S. Highway 64 in the City of Cleveland in honor of Coach John Peterson
122 Name the bridge spanning the Duck River on State Route 82 in Bedford County in honor of the late Private First Class Daniel Bradley McClenney, United States Marine Corps
123 Optometrists
124 Penalty for hunting from or across a public road
125 Health services and development agency
126 Collection of fingerprints under the Pawnbrokers Act of 1988
127 Parenting plans
128 Litter prevention and control
129 Training requirements for public safety dispatchers
130 Fee for each conversion of a vehicle salvage document to a rebuilt title
131 Taxation
132 Name State Route 305 in honor of Representative Clyde B. Webb
133 Insurance coverage requirements for applying for or renewing a contractors license
134 Consumer protection
135 Misrepresenting information to state auditor
136 Motorcycles
137 International adoptions
138 Tennessee state veterans’ home board
139 Conservation commission
140 Archaeological advisory council
141 Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
142 Powers and duties of the sheriff and the prevention and detection of crime
143 Agriculture education
144 Duties of county register
145 Name the conference facility at Paris Landing State Resort Park in honor of former Representative L. Don Ridgeway
146 Vital records
147 Emergency communications
148 Smoke detector requirements for one- or two-family rental units and residential buildings
149 Contributions by employed releasees
150 Persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, mental retardation and serious emotional disturbance