State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 151 - 200

Chapter Subject
151 Child care
152 Child support income assignment and unemployment compensation
153 TennCare Pharmacy Advisory Committee
154 Motor vehicles
155 Suspended driver licenses
156 Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
157 Efforts of TennCare fraud units
158 Homes for the aged
159 Surgical technologists
160 Manufactured home installation
161 Identity theft and the protection of certain credit and debit card numbers
162 Taxation on the occupancy of hotels
163 Residence requirements
164 Price gouging during medical emergencies
165 Rates and rating organizations
166 Public purchases
167 Establishment of a uniform health care provider credentialing application
168 Disclosures of certain deaths by the department of children’s services and the department of correction
169 Enact the “Tennessee White Water Rafting Responsibility Act”
170 Regional transportation authorities’ authority to borrow money
171 Residential property disclosures
172 Prevention and detection of chronic kidney disease
173 Establishing that special rates and terms are valid when reached through negotiation between a public utility and a business customer
174 Transfer of state sentenced inmates to the custody of the department of correction
175 Tennessee Off-Highway Vehicle Act
176 Alcohol and drug prevention and treatment services
177 Meningococcal disease
178 Municipal utilities providing electric service in multiple counties
179 Sexual offender registration and monitoring
180 Prohibit persons charged with or convicted of certain sexual offenses from being placed in certain programs or receiving a certain status
181 Interfering with the safe operation of a motorboat or vessel
182 Dental service plan corporations
183 Fire protection sprinkler system contractors
184 Liability insurance for long-term care facilities
185 Child abuse reporting
186 Health department fees for vector control
187 Jails
188 Workers’ compensation
189 Name the U.S. Highway 43 bridge at Dry Weakley Road in Lawrence County in memory of Jason Jackson
190 Board of employee assistance professionals
191 Local Government Modernization Act of 2005
192 Family resource centers
193 Racial profiling study by Tennessee highway patrol
194 Completion of a health report card on all public school children in Tennessee
195 Compensation of certain county officials
196 Children
197 Waiver of a right of lien
198 Drivers exercising due care
199 Credit services businesses
200 Public Schools