State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 201 -250

Chapter Subject
201 Taxation of tangible personal property
202 School curricula
203 Reemployment after retirement
204 Pensions and compensation programs for public officers and employees
205 Conservation easements
206 Establishment of a Trauma Registry
207 Charitable gaming
208 Healing arts
209 Restricted driver licenses
210 Unlicensed individuals administering medication
211 Enhancement program for debt financing by local government units for local education agency capital projects
212 Tennessee River Resort District Act
213 Habitual offenders
214 Offense of littering
215 Disability and housing accommodations
216 Autopsies
217 Cemetery companies
218 Extended contracts
219 Self-administration of certain medications
220 Entrances onto highways
221 Registry of persons who have abused vulnerable individuals
222 Death determination and pronouncement by registered nurses
223 Dedicated education fund
224 Leave for female employees
225 Issuance of subpoenas for fingerprints under the Pawnbrokers Act of 1988
226 Records of domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers
227 Inspection of statements
228 Podiatrists
229 Members of the Tennessee human rights commission
230 Relative to utility districts
231 Physician orders
232 Massage therapists
233 Creation of the FastTrack Infrastructure Development and Job Training Assistance Program and Fund
234 Division of Health Related Boards and health related boards’ screening panels
235 Serious traffic violations and the issuance of restricted driver licenses
236 Driver licenses
237 Certificates of need for nursing home beds
238 Liability of boat owners
239 Restricted driver's license
240 Owners’ rights under the Horizontal Property Act
241 Payment of outstanding judgments for traffic violations
242 Charitable gaming
243 Emergency vehicles
244 Vehicle product protection warranties
245 Operation of joint economic and community development boards
246 Annexation of areas within a municipality's approved urban growth boundaries and annexation by referendum of areas outside approved urban growth boundaries
247 Disclosure of confidential records
248 Debt financing by government units
249 Community service agencies
250 Practice of medicine