State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 251 - 300

Chapter Subject
251 Costs incurred by the Commissioner for the examination of insurance companies
252 Expiration and renewal of licenses
253 Sale of alcoholic beverages, wine and beer in certain retirement centers
254 Jurors
255 Filling a vacancy on the board of commissioners of a municipality incorporated under a city manager-commission charter
256 Child abuse reporting
257 Domestic abuse
258 Judicial district drug tasks forces
259 TennCare
260 Forensic services in criminal cases
261 Tennessee Film, Entertainment and Music Commission
262 Authorize certain municipalities located in any county having a population of not less than one hundred five thousand eight hundred (105,800) nor more than one hundred five thousand nine hundred (105,900), according to the 2000 federal census or any subsequent federal census, to conduct a referendum for consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises
263 Open records
264 Emergency services
265 Juvenile offenses
266 Secured transactions
267 Tennessee Executive Residence Preservation Foundation and the Tennessee Residence Foundation
268 Timber harvesting
269 Dedication of a certain tract of real property for a state firefighter memorial
270 Telecommunications services
271 Regulation and care of state inmates
272 Consumer protection
273 Residential mortgages
274 Definition of the term “contract of insurance”
275 Garagekeeper’s liens
276 Hearing of petitions for the employment or appointment of certain deputies and assistants
277 State sport fish
278 Growth plan dispute resolution panel
279 Name the Tennessee National Guard Armory in Hohenwald in honor of the late Sergeant Roger D. Rowe, Tennessee Army National Guard
280 Appeals
281 Name the bridge spanning the Buffalo River on U.S. Highway 412 (S.R. 100) in honor of the late Donnie Harold Qualls
282 Empower Norfolk Southern Railway Company to abandon certain railroad right-of-way
283 Petroleum underground storage tanks
284 Building codes and standards
285 Disciplinary authority of governmental entities attached to the division of regulatory boards
286 Tennessee Revised Limited Liability Company Act
287 Support of Children
288 Operation of vehicles
289 Certain food service establishments
290 Designate a segment of State Route 254 (Bell Road) in Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County as the “Knights of Columbus Parkway”
291 Indoor air quality and mold in schools
292 Board of employee assistance professionals
293 Board of boiler rules
294 Beer and alcoholic beverages
295 Enhanced criminal penalties for certain violations
296 Grounds under which an officer may arrest without a warrant
297 Criminal trespass
298 Alcoholic beverage
299 JROTC instruction
300 Sale of milk and milk products