State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 301 -350

Chapter Subject
301 Procedures at the polling place
302 Write-in candidates
303 Property and instruments
304 Detention of juveniles
305 Sexual offenses committed on the grounds of institutions of higher education
306 Judgment liens
307 Good time credit in county jails or workhouses
308 Statewide voter registration database
309 Disposition of certain funds from fines for driving under the influence
310 State government and audit committees
311 Taxation
312 Early childhood education and pre-kindergarten programs
313 Release of information by institutions of higher education
314 Firefighters killed in the line of duty
315 To name State Highway 30 in Van Buren County the “Veterans Memorial Highway”
316 The “Tennessee Sexual Offender and Violent Sexual Offender Registration, Verification, and Tracking Act of 2004”
317 Solid waste reduction
318 To designate a bridge on State Route 153 in Hamilton County as the “Bobby G. Wood Bridge”
319 Relative to health care
320 Relative to education
321 To name the bridge spanning Fountain Creek on State Route 50 in Maury County in honor of Luther Lamar
322 The use of rented or leased space for certain purposes
323 Certain disclosures by hospitals
324 General Sessions Court judges
325 Duties of the water quality control board
326 Tax relief
327 The taxable privilege of engaging in the business of providing nursing home care
328 Career planning
329 Smoking in certain higher education facilities
330 Speech language pathology assistants
331 Employment security advisory council
332 The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
333 Pronouncement of death and death certificates
334 Eligibility for exemption of land from property taxes
335 LEA programs to prevent disruptive student conduct
336 Interlocal cooperation
337 Specific service signs
338 Salary ratings
339 The Department of Commerce and Insurance
340 The water and wastewater operators board of certification
341 Owners’ grandchildren under the age of sixteen hunting and fishing on farmland
342 Property tax freezes for senior citizens in certain counties
343 Handgun carry permits
344 Sale and production of stone products and hot mix asphalt by governmental entities
345 To amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 55
346 Relative to education
347 Hazards to property
348 The creation of a task force on organ donation and transplantation
349 Commercial instruments and transactions
350 Petroleum underground storage