State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 351 - 400

Chapter Subject
351 The Board of Building Code Appeals
352 Powers of certain development authorities
353 Sentencing of persons convicted of criminal offenses
354 Community Service Agencies
355 Appeals of permits
356 Sudden unexplained child death
357 Unemployment insurance
358 Department of Correction
359 School buses
360 Issuance of hunting and fishing licenses and permits
361 To enact the Landfill Methane Development Act
362 Authorization of municipalities operating an electric plant to provide cable service
363 The advisory council on workers’ compensation
364 The medical care and cost containment committee
365 The board of review, Department of Labor and Workforce Development
366 The prevailing wage commission
367 The occupational safety and health administration labor advisory council
368 The occupational safety and health review commission
369 The safe employment education and training advisory committee
370 Biodiesel fuel and implementation of incentives to encourage the production thereof
371 Payment of sales and use tax in certain circumstances
372 Public records
373 Telecommunications services
374 Continuation of certain governmental entities
375 Licenses and certificates
376 Extension of insurance coverage to the families of individuals killed in the line of duty
377 To enact the "Drug Dealer Liability Act"
378 Relative to bail
379 Recreational vehicles
380 To enact the Tennessee Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics Practice Act of 2005
381 Orders of protection and the scope thereof
382 Sick leave
383 Outpatient diagnostic centers
384 Workers' compensation claims filed by Tennessee state employees
385 Certificates of need for nursing home beds
386 Authorizing multi-year contracts for water storage tank painting and other maintenance under certain circumstances
387 Relative to nursing
388 Taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products
389 Permanent guardianship for children adjudicated dependent and neglected, unruly or delinquent
390 Relative to workers' compensation and relative to the Drug Free Workplace
391 Child protective services reform
392 Issuance and sale of bonds and notes
393 Issuance and sale of bonds and notes
394 Orders of protection and violations thereof
395 Protection of personal rights
396 Railroad authorities
397 Fees for licensure of health care facilities
398 Sales and use tax
399 Insurance laws to the State of Tennessee
400 Promoting technology advances and providing business parity