State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 401 - 450

Chapter Subject
401 Relative to safety
402 Alcohol vaporizing devices and the use of such devices
403 Child support
404 Fire safety
405 Engine compression brakes
406 Department of safety
407 Department of labor and workforce development
408 Registry of election finance
409 Adoption
410 University of Tennessee board of trustees
411 Notice to the county mayor of an annexation and plan of services and the provision of a plan of services for areas annexed by referendum
412 Juvenile court
413 Tennessee Broadband Task Force
414 Tennessee Public Charter Schools Act of 2002
415 Education
416 Establishment of the Governor’s Books from Birth Fund and the authorization of a partnership arrangement between the Fund and a nonprofit public benefit corporation and the authorization of certain administrative matters
417 State lottery
418 Compensation plan for correctional officers
419 Higher education
420 Tennessee Military Heritage Act of 2005
421 Safety standards and appeals on certain structures located in any area where no building codes have been adopted
422 Consumption of alcoholic beverages in a premier type tourist resort
423 Handgun carry permits
424 Health insurance coverage related to certain clinical trials
425 After school programs pursuant to Article XI, Section 5, of the Constitution of Tennessee
426 Voluntary contribution programs of utility districts and electric cooperatives
427 Pest control operators
428 Petitions
429 Collection and administration of court costs, taxes, fines and fees relative to the administration and operation of courts in the state of Tennessee
430 Helmets
431 Staff leasing companies
432 Deposits
433 Authority of certain probation officers
434 Generic and therapeutic substitution of prescription drugs
435 Tennessee higher education commission
436 Elevator safety board
437 Child neglect and endangerment by those driving under the influence of an intoxicant
438 Erection and maintenance of directional signs for historic and recreational sites on Interstate Highway 40 in Benton and Humphreys counties
439 Adult-Oriented Establishment Registration Act and definitions pertaining to such act
440 Establishing a state regulatory structure for enforcement by the commissioner of financial institutions for the title pledge industry through the listed statutes
441 Allocation of revenue to municipalities securing a minor league professional hockey team
442 Pharmaceuticals and pharmacy
443 Motor vehicle sales licenses
444 Acquisition and preservation of land
445 Certificates of need for the relocation of nursing home beds, and the partial replacement of licensed nursing home facilities
446 Graduation requirements
447 Tuition discounts
448 Reallocating state and local sales tax revenue collected from activities conducted at or near a courthouse public square to be used for maintenance, improvement and revitalization of the public square
449 Audits of the comptroller of the treasury
450 Compensation for death in the line of duty