State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 451 - 500

Chapter Subject
451 Ethics course for general assembly members
452 School finance
453 Drug testing of drivers for child care centers
454 Dates for starting and ending the school year in public schools
455 Determination of probation period
456 Sexual offenses and the victims
457 Agricultural fairs
458 Disabled veteran’s tax relief
459 Equipment on motorcycles and motor driven cycles
460 Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Act
461 Monetary limits for small procurements by departments, institutions and agencies
462 Schools
463 Definition of mortgage loan broker
464 Agency rules scheduled to expire pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
465 Tennessee science and technology advisory council
466 Appointment of student and faculty members to the governing boards of public institutions of higher education
467 Health care providers
468 Driver license suspension
469 Social workers and consumer protection
470 Increase in compensation of certain certified administrators of elections
471 Membership on the county legislative body
472 Medical examiners and assistant medical examiners
473 Release of personal consumer information
474 Medical assistance and TennCare
475 Renewal of permanent placards by a disabled veteran
476 Legislature
477 Licensed residential homes for the aged
478 Offense of sexual battery by an authority figure
479 Medical laboratory personnel
480 Appeals concerning valuation of property for ad valorem taxation
481 Financial assistance for postsecondary education from lottery proceeds
482 Stalking
483 Blood testing of certain drivers of motor vehicles
484 Comprehensive Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Program Act
485 Utility districts
486 Special joint legislative study committee
487 Offenses involving children
488 Electronic filing of lobbyist registrations, disclosures and reports
489 Permit bonds
490 Encouraging the employment of disabled persons
491 Increasing the amount of the employer’s matching contribution toward the state employees’ 401(k)
492 Domestic violence
493 Special joint committee created to perform a comprehensive analysis of predatory lending in Tennessee
494 Taxation
495 Subsurface sewage disposal systems
496 Exploitation of minors
497 Flags of the United States and Tennessee
498 Membership in the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
499 Taxation
500 Taxation and the funding of state and local government