State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 51 - 100

Chapter Subject
51 Age requirements for continuing education for physical therapists
52 Revision of rates
53 Patient notices
54 Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act
55 Child passenger restraint systems
56 Hospice services
57 Orders of disposition best suited to a child’s treatment, rehabilitation and welfare
58 Vehicle rental companies
59 Physician assistants forming professional corporations and professional limited liability companies with physicians
60 Off-highway motor vehicles
61 Utility districts
62 Public utilities
63 Judicial council
64 Appointment of members of the board of directors of emergency communications districts
65 Home inspection services
66 Name the bridge over Beech Creek on S.R. 128 north of Clifton in Wayne County in memory of Edgar "Eck" Jobe
67 Name the Hurricane Creek Bridge on U.S. 64 in Waynesboro the "B.E. Edwards Memorial Bridge"
68 Advisory committee on women’s health
69 Permitting insurance companies to utilize the 2001 Commissioner's Standard Ordinary Male Composite Ultimate Mortality Table for purpose of establishing insurance reserves for single premium credit life insurance issued after December 31, 2004
70 Tennessee claims commission
71 Telecommunication services
72 TennCare claims processing panel
73 Commission on children and youth
74 State soil conservation committee
75 Orders of protection
76 Name a certain bridge or a certain segment of State Route 62 in honor of the late Dr. Herman Postma
77 Name a certain segment of Highway 104 in Henderson County in honor of Robert McKee
78 Military Affairs Commission
79 Adult-Oriented Establishment Registration Act
80 Board of nursing
81 Continuing education requirements for chiropractors
82 Public meetings
83 Membership of county conservation boards
84 Replica license plates
85 Water quality board
86 Extend for an additional six years the existing temporary tax on bottles of soft drinks and barrels of beer
87 Interception of communications
88 Free hunting day for disabled persons
89 Appointed administrator of elections
90 Commercial vessels
91 Clarify the definition of corpus for purposes of the chairs of excellence
92 Definition of “zoological institution
93 Drop-in child care facilities
94 Utility district board commissioners
95 Health clubs
96 Computer-assisted hunting from remote locations
97 Scenic highways
98 Franchise and excise tax incentives for contributions to certain nonprofit corporations
99 Probate, wills, trusts, custodial accounts, guardianship, conservatorship, taxes and healthcare powers of attorney
100 Payment of the annual license fee for nursing homes in certain circumstances