State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 651-700

Chapter Subject
651 Public records
652 Child custody
653 Rules of the road
654 Liens on gas, oil or other mineral leaseholds
655 Reading instruction training for teachers
656 Commodity dealers and producers
657 Contractors
658 Social workers
659 Law enforcement training academy and the training conducted by such academy
660 Organization of banks
661 False academic degrees and misrepresentation of academic credentials
662 Name a bridge on State Route 126 in Sullivan County in honor of the late Dr. James A. Street
663 Disclosure of certain information concerning health care providers
664 Purchases made by local boards of education
665 Records of the department of agriculture
666 Diversion centers for technical violators
667 Motor vehicle dealer licenses
668 Criminal trespassing on railroad property
669 Water and sewerage
670 Municipal relationships with industrial development corporations
671 Sales of residences
672 Assessment of motor bus and truck companies for property taxation
673 Local parks land acquisition fund
674 Definition of terms used to assess costs and charges for providing services and supports to persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, mental retardation, serious emotional disturbance
675 Education funding for children in state custody and for children for whom the state is directly responsible for their education
676 Orders of protection
677 Military personnel
678 Outdoor advertising
679 Motor vehicle accidents
680 Educational assistants
681 Broadband Business Certainty Act of 2006
682 Family life curricula and sex education
683 Debit cards.
684 Perfection or enforcement of certain liens
685 After school programs funded from net state lottery proceeds
686 Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act
687 Workers' compensation provider civil penalties
688 Judicial selection and evaluation
689 Tennessee County Mutual Insurance Company Act of 2006
690 Issuance and sale of general obligation bonds and bond anticipation notes by the Tennessee State Funding Board
691 Medical records
692 Increasing the base salaries of state judges effective September 1, 2006
693 Investment of funds
694 Protective Parent Reform Act
695 Name a bridge on State Route 285 in Van Buren County in honor of James Robert Haston
696 Rename the Laurel Creek Bridge on State Route 30 in Van Buren County as the “Laurel Cove Bridge”
697 Name the segment of State Route 292 in Clay County in honor of the late Sergeant Robert Wesley Tucker
698 Name a segment of Interstate Highway 55 in Shelby County in honor of the late Coretta Scott King
699 Disclosures on real estate contracts
700 Hallucinogenic plants.