State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 751-800

Chapter Subject
751 Surplus property
752 Emergency Medical Services Act of 1983
753 Telecommunications ad valorem tax reduction fund
754 Telecommunications ad valorem tax reduction fund
755 Compulsory school attendance for blind children
756 Enrollment of homeless children
757 Colleges and universities reporting certain crime statistics
758 Issuance of administrative inspection warrants
759 Tort liability for liquefied petroleum gas
760 Textbooks
761 ICF/MR beds
762 Home improvement contractors
763 Public nuisances
764 Insurance coverage of spouses and former spouses
765 Occupational therapy
766 Postsecondary school authorization
767 Organ and tissue donor registry
768 Quality assurance
769 Expansion of the "do not call" regulations in this state
770 Requirement for a certificate of public purpose and necessity for certain public works, industrial and business park projects
771 Creation of investment trusts for certain post-employment benefits offered by governmental entities.
772 Worker's Compensation
773 Chapter 001 of the Public Acts of 2006 (SB 7001 / HB 7001)
774 Persons desiring to practice medicine or surgery
775 Acupuncture
776 Real Estate
777 Interception of communications
778 Workers' compensation
779 Economic development incentives
780 Group purchasing programs for postsecondary and higher education
781 Tourism development zones
782 Board of land survey examiners
783 Private protective services advisory committee
784 Real estate appraiser commission
785 Real estate commission
786 Tennessee auctioneer commission
787 Council for hearing instrument specialists
788 Council of certified professional midwifery
789 Committee for clinical perfusionists
790 Collection service board
791 Board of veterinary medical examiners
792 Board of podiatric medical examiners
793 Board of optometry
794 Board of chiropractic examiners
795 Board of examiners for nursing home administrators
796 Municipal authority
797 Education
798 Manufacture and sale of certain weapons
799 Revenues allocated to traumatic brain injury fund
800 Residential landlord registration