State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 801-850

Chapter Subject
801 Enact the "Tennessee Home Loan Protection Act"
802 Permanent guardianship
803 Lobbyists
804 Abuse of certain persons
805 Property insurance
806 Board of dentistry
807 Financial practices of state government
808 Criminal history violation information of persons having access to children
809 Offenses against property
810 Relative to the statute of frauds
811 Judicial or trust sales
812 A pilot project for behavioral health services in certain counties
813 Small estate affidavits
814 Relative to purchasing
815 Assistant district attorney general and assistant district public defender positions
816 Professional bondsmen
817 Redemption of property
818 Juvenile justice
819 Landfills
820 Payments to hospitals and other health care providers
821 Classification and assessment of tangible personal property
822 Board of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame
823 Relative to taxation
824 Sexual violence awareness and prevention curriculum
825 Following distance behind school buses
826 Sale and promotion of agricultural products and their derivatives and the allocation of taxes, assessments and other funds for such purposes
827 Petroleum underground storage tank board
828 Board of ground water management
829 Department of Environment and Conservation
830 Air pollution control board
831 Testing of newborns
832 Assistant district attorneys general
833 Victim notification
834 Name the Tennessee Army National Guard Armory in Jacksbor in honor of the late Staff Sergeant Barton Siler, Tennessee Army National Guard
835 Board of medical examiners committee on physician assistants
836 Board of funeral directors and embalmers
837 Water quality control board
838 Post-mortem examinations in cases involving the death of a child
839 Pyrotechnics
840 Name a bridge on State Route 125 in Hardeman County in honor of the late Sheriff Bennie E. Howell
841 To adopt an official salute to the Tennessee flag
842 Evidence
843 Paternity of children born to minors
844 Amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 55
845 To enact the "Child Rape Protection Act of 2006"
846 Home-based assistance services or facilities
847 Definition of certain unfunded pension obligations
848 Bidding procedures for municipal school systems
849 Jailer qualifications
850 Parental participation in public education