State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 851-900

Chapter Subject
851 Inspections of residential rental property
852 Permit through rule and regulation a one-year, one-time exemption from the hunter education requirements for a fee
853 Prohibit devices used to disrupt or evade certain law enforcement activities
854 Financial literacy curriculum
855 Name a segment of State Route 255 (Donelson Pike) in Davidson County in honor of the late Wrenza Jordan
856 Memorial designations of State Route 840
857 P.O.W. and M.I.A. recognition
858 Name a segment of State Route 104 in Gibson County in honor of Deputy Roger Norvell
859 Monetary limits for informal purchases, including the solicitation of telephone bids
860 Restoration of citizenship
861 Eligibility for exemption of land from property taxes
862 Certain law enforcement officers
863 Power and use of eminent domain and property acquired by eminent domain
864 Sale of beer for off-the-premises consumption
865 Sale of alcoholic beverages at certain community theaters
866 Generic substitution of prescription drugs
867 Health care
868 Expenses for the remediation of dangerous conditions of buildings or premises
869 Tennessee HOPE foster child tuition grants
870 Pensions and compensation programs for public officers and employees
871 Victims of abuse
872 Athletic trainers
873 Enact the "Health Savings Account Act"
874 Public finance
875 Practice of medicine
876 Smoking in buildings owned or operated by the state
877 Electrical inspections
878 Public contracts
879 Criminal investigation division within the Tennessee highway patrol
880 Motor vehicle crimes
881 Delinquent property taxes
882 Nursing scholarships
883 Contracts for correctional services
884 Disabled veteran’s tax relief
885 Locksmiths
886 Child nutrition and wellness
887 Sunshine In Government Improvement Act of 2006
888 Designate a certain bridge in Rutherford County as the Lane-Smith Bridge
889 Civic education
890 Child Protection Act of 2006
891 Collection of biological specimens from certain persons for DNA analysis
892 Tennessee river resort districts
893 Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
894 Autism spectrum disorders
895 Alternative education
896 Human skeletal remains
897 Offense of sexual battery by an authority figure
898 Jurors
899 Water quality control act
900 Furnishing alcohol to minors or enticing minors to procure alcohol.