State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 901-950

Chapter Subject
901 Property and deputy assessors
902 Workers' compensation
903 Penalties for election offenses
904 Disclosures concerning infections
905 Commission on the mitigation of earthquake hazards
906 Protective devices in child care agencies
907 Multi-state task force on issues relating to methamphetamine
908 Higher education
909 Lottery scholarships
910 Antique motor vehicles
911 Authorize the issuance of new specialty earmarked license plates for the Masons
912 Compensation for the death of a firefighter or certain law enforcement officials in the line of duty
913 Education
914 Military family assistance trust fund
915 TennCare Pharmacy Cost to Dispense Act of 2006
916 Visual Content Act of 2006
917 Creation of an Integrated Criminal Justice Steering Committee
918 Agency rules scheduled to expire pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
919 Donated prescription medications to be dispensed at charitable clinics
920 Violations of orders of protection and other protective orders and conditions of release
921 Tennessee Cervical Cancer Elimination Task Force
922 Fire service training
923 Openness, oversight and accountability of governmental entities or entities acting for or on behalf of governmental entities
924 Solid waste disposal planning
925 Authorizing application of the emergency telephone service charge to non-wireline services that connect callers to public safety answering points
926 Erection and maintenance of directional signs for the Historic Richard Hardy Memorial School on Interstate Highway 24
927 Sex crimes committed against children
928 Issuance of general obligation bonds
929 Chapter 622 of the Public Acts of 2006
930 Dissolution of not-for-profit hospitals and the conveyance or transfer of assets of not-for-profit hospitals to for-profit entities through lease, sale or other transactions
931 Disease management
932 Create the Class A misdemeanor offense of impersonating a minor's parent or guardian for the purpose of circumventing the parental consent requirement for a minor to have an abortion
933 Incidents involving life-threatening food allergies in schools
934 Tennessee medical laboratory board
935 Office of business enterprise
936 Department of economic and community development
937 Board of examiners for architects and engineers
938 Board of barber examiners
939 Offense of child abuse and child neglect or endangerment
940 After school programs
941 Workforce skills development
942 Tennessee State Emergency Fund Act
943 Adult-Oriented Establishment Registration Act of 1998
944 Prompt Pay Act of 1991
945 Unauthorized practice of law
946 Certified athletic trainers in high schools
947 Parenting plans
948 Training of sheriffs
949 Residential rental inspections
950 Admission of students to institutions of higher education