State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 951-1000

Chapter Subject
951 Judicial or trust sales
952 Certificates of title
953 Taxes and licenses
954 Employer and employee
955 Requiring any person who stores, handles, distributes, or delivers alcoholic beverages other than for personal use to have a wholesale or retail license from the alcoholic beverage commission or be an employee of such licensee, except locations where con
956 Practice of medicine
957 Compensation of general sessions judges
958 Privilege tax on litigation
959 Insurance coverage requirements for applying for or renewing a contractors license.
960 Sexual offenses committed against minors
961 Regulation of insurance and the administration of TennCare
962 Authorize the State of Tennessee, acting by resolution of its funding board, to issue and sell its interest-bearing bonds and bond anticipation notes in amounts not to exceed four hundred fifty-seven million five hundred thousand dollars ($457,500,000) for the purpose of providing funds to the Department of Finance and Administration and the Department of Transportation; to provide for necessary repairs, replacements, additions and betterments of buildings and facilities, expressly including the acquisition of real estate, site work, facility development, and other development costs, including equipment of facilities; to provide funds for the state office buildings and support facilities revolving fund; and to provide funds for the acquisition and implementation of enterprise resource planning software, and to provide for the expenditure of said funds; and to authorize the funding board to issue and sell its interest-bearing bonds and bond anticipation notes in excess of the previously stated amounts to provide funds to the Department of Finance and Administration for additional capital outlay; to issue its debt in excess of previously stated amount to fund discount and costs of issuance; and to provide for the expenditure of said funds; and to amend certain Public Acts authorizing the issuance of general obligation bonds and bond anticipation notes. This act makes appropriations for an indefinite period of time for the purpose of allocating the proceeds of the bonds and notes authorized by this act. This act cancels the amount of bonds or notes authorized by Chapter 460, Public Acts of 2001, and a portion of the amount of bonds or notes authorized by Chapter 502, Public Acts of 2005

Appropriations for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the state government for the fiscal years beginning July 1, 2005, and July 1, 2006, in the administration, operation and maintenance of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the various departments, institutions, offices and agencies of the state; for certain state aid and obligations; for capital outlay, for the service of the public debt, for emergency and contingency; to repeal certain appropriations and any acts inconsistent herewith; to provide provisional continuing appropriations; and to establish certain provisions, limitations and restrictions under which appropriations may be obligated and expended. This act makes appropriations for the purposes described above for the fiscal years beginning July 1, 2005, and July 1, 2006.

964 Transportation
965 Elections
966 Credentialing of physicians employed by federally-qualified community health centers for certain purposes
967 Domestic abuse which results in death
968 Archaeological advisory council
969 District public defenders conference
970 Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
971 Offenses of vehicular homicide and drag racing and the use of certain motor vehicle performance enhancers
972 Advocacy for Honest and Appropriate Government Spending Act
973 Create the offense of statutory rape by an authority figure and to provide the punishment for such offense
974 Postsecondary financial assistance from net lottery proceed
975 Sales and use taxes
976 Driver schools
977 Postsecondary financial assistance from state lottery proceeds
978 Veterans' property tax relief
979 Child custody
980 Lottery scholarships and grants
981 Pest control
982 Compensation of state officials, officers and employees
983 Drug and alcohol assessments for certain driving under the influence offenders
984 Child support referees
985 Awards in case of death of a member of the national guard in the line of duty
986 Using false identification or false statements to purchase alcoholic beverages or beer
987 Compensation of certain public employees
988 Victim witness coordinators
989 Financial operations of state and local government
990 Chairs of excellence
991 Wildlife resources commission
992 Private investigation and polygraph commission
993 Solid waste disposal control board
994 Emergency medical services board
995 Board of pharmacy
996 Board of cosmetology
997 Enact the "Tennessee Public Adjuster Licensing Act of 2006" and relative to the licensing of public adjusters
998 Fees to establish or maintain certain forensic laboratories
999 Housing authorities
1000 Continuation of certain governmental entities