State of Tennessee
Public Acts
104th General Assembly

Chapters 1 -50

Chapter Subject
001 Revise and codify the general and public statutes of the State of Tennessee
002 Kerosene and Motor Fuels Quality Inspection Act
003 Required provisions of adoption of ordinances for slum clearance and redevelopment
004 Contact lenses with no prescription power
005 “Tennessee Missing Children Recovery Act”
006 “Utilities’ Cut-Off Procedures Act”
007 Workers’ compensation
008 Sale of insurance
009 Appointment of a registered interior designer to the state board of examiners for architects and engineers
010 Purchase of surplus property by county officials or employees
011 National crime prevention and privacy compact
012 Drug prescriptions
013 Recording of electronic records with county registers
014 Designate a segment of State Route 100 in Hickman County as the "Officer Christy Jo Dedman Memorial Highway"
015 Inoperative traffic-control signals
016 Mortgages
017 Relative to the exposure of certain Tennessee bureau of investigation personnel to hepatitis B or the HIV virus
018 Methamphetamine
019 Agriculture
020 Practice of medicine
021 Performing marriages
022 Default judgments in subrogation actions
023 Reports of hospitals
024 Clerk serving courts with probate jurisdiction
025 Position of assistant district public defender
026 Presiding judges
027 Membership of the state family support council
028 Special workers’ compensation panels
029 Supervision of libraries in certain counties
030 Deposits
031 Public employees and officials
032 Acceptance and receipt of gifts and donations of behalf of the state
033 Name the bridge on State Highway 25 over Bledsoe Creek in Sumner County in
honor of the late Honorable Leon Shoulders
034 Name that portion of new U.S. Highway 31E within the corporate limits of the Town of Westmoreland in Sumner County the "David Mandrell Memorial Highway"
035 Designate State Route 840 as the “Tennessee National Guard Parkway”
036 Utility management review board
037 Local education insurance committee
038 Relative to the board of claims
039 Tennessee sports hall of fame
040 Commission on firefighting personnel standards and education
041 West Fork Drakes Creek dam and reservoir interstate authority
042 Tennessee wars commission
043 Relative to the oil and gas board
044 State health planning and advisory board
045 Designate a segment of State Route 373 in Marshall County as the "Marshall County Veterans Parkway
046 Commissioner of agriculture’s authority to adopt rules
047 Criminal investigative records
048 Name the bridge across the Harpeth River on State Route 250 between Dickson and Cheatham County the "Herbert L. 'Hub' Harris Memorial Bridge”
049 Name a bridge on State Route 160 in honor of R. F. Garrett
050 Name the bridge spanning Mill Creek on State Route 91 in Stoney Creek, Carter County in honor of the late Roy "R.H." Taylor